Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our process? Looking to join the team? Feel free to reach out.

Traction Home Offer buys all types of homes, including: single family homes, apartments, duplexes, townhouses, farms and even land. We’ve purchased everything from old 19th century homes to newer homes. Houses with mold, or severe foundation problems, or even rodent infestations.

Home owners sell their homes to us for many reasons. Many people do not want to deal with the hassle of listing their home on the market and waiting for the right buyer to come along, especially in homes needing costly repairs or updating. Others need to simply sell their house quickly, like in the cases of foreclosure, divorce, relocation, inherited property, change of income—or their home has simply sat on the market too long already.

No! At Traction Home Offer, we buy homes “as-is.” This means it doesn’t matter if the house is outdated, has structural damage or other costly repairs—we will still make you an offer!

Nothing! We will come inspect your property, and give you a no obligation offer. Unlike many other home purchasers and real estate agents there is no additional fee charged once we purchase your property.

Typically, by just answering a few questions about your property, like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, overall condition and location we can give you an offer estimate over the phone. However, we will schedule a time to come and view the property to confirm property details, and give you a formal offer on the spot.

We look at many different factors when making an offer on a property, including: location, condition of the property, cost of needed repairs and what other similar properties are selling for. Our evaluation will be explained to you, so you can understand exactly how we came to the amount we are offering.

As soon as you close you will receive your cash. We can close most home purchases in as little as 7 days, and in some cases less time than that. In some cases you may also be eligible for a cash advance before closing.

That is something that can change depending on your scenario. Typically we don’t like to buy homes with a closing date longer than 3 months out from us putting the home under contract. However, we will allow some people to stay in the property after we purchase it for a period of time up to 1 month. This typically is at no charge back to you.

Traction Home Offer has a team that is dedicated to expediting the estate process. Part of this team is attorneys that we work with that can help push the process along. We do all of this at absolutely NO COST to you.

Most of our closings can actually be done remotely. All you need to do is meet with a notary, which we can arrange, and sign the paperwork.

Call us immediately! Some banks are very diligent on taking properties back from the owner. We are experienced in negotiating with banks, and in some cases, reducing the amount of penalties you owe.

This is a unique question that completely depends on the circumstances. However, we have purchased properties with tax liens, mechanics liens, and HOA liens.

No, you just get the items you want, or let us know what you are going to leave and we will arrange to empty the property.

We buy homes in Dallas, TX; Fort Worth, TX; Houston, TX; and Tampa, FL. However, if you live outside of these areas, please contact us. If you’re within 80 miles of one of our locations we’ll offer to buy your house. If not, we can probably refer you to someone else.

We’ve been involved with over 1,000 transactions in North Texas. We also will put a significant deposit down on your home, provide you with a proof of funds from a known bank, and use a Texas Real Estate Commission contract, so you know there’s no funny business hidden in the fine print. Additionally, Traction Home Offer is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A+ rating.